Building Organizational Capacity


The world needs stronger, more effective non-profit organizations. 

We can help.  

Founder and President Kathy Arney established KEA Canada in Banff, Alberta in 2013. Our vision is to contribute to a better world through nurturing generosity and philanthropy. Many charities require senior-level expertise in resource development, but are not in a position to hire full time senior leaders. By providing access to senior level expertise on a regular basis, when needed, we help to build the capacity of leaders and their organizations to reach their goals.

KEA Canada provides interim leadership and services in a variety of areas including resource development, capacity-building, strategic planning, board development, campaign planning and management, coaching, and services for families and organizations looking for advice in strategic philanthropy.

Connect with us to access KEA’s network of seasoned professionals whose expertise is ideally suited to your particular assignments.


KEA Canada specializes in:

  • resource development

  • capacity-building

  • board development

  • campaign planning and management

  • coaching

  • interim leadership

  • and services for families and organizations looking for advice in strategic philanthropy


Active clients

Client testimonials

Kathy is smart and funny, respectful and inquisitive, a strategic thinker, and absolutely professional in her approach and demeanor. Her fundraising knowledge, network and experience are exceptional. She is a terrific team leader and team player who is skilled at building and leveraging organizational capacity. I was thrilled to hire Kathy as Director of Development at The Banff Centre.
— Mary E. Hofstetter, past president and CEO at The Banff Centre
I wish to thank Kathy for putting together and presenting an informative, motivating and practical workshop. I learned a lot and totally enjoyed the time spent together. I had fun! I feel confident in saying that we all gained priceless comfort and critical knowledge in fulfilling our fund development role for artsPlace.”
— Bellanne ("Belle") Toren, B.A.S, J.D., ICD.D, Chair of the Fund Development Committee and Director of the Canadian Mountain Arts Foundation / artsPlace
I would highly recommend Kathy, would hire her with complete confidence and would work with her again at a moment’s notice.
— George Hood, president of ECTA Holdings Limited Former Vice Principal Advancement, Queen's University
Kathy is consistent, confident, approachable and clear thinking. Her passion and talent have helped us reach several significant milestones that we thought were pipe dreams.
— Lorraine Widmer-Carson, executive director of the Banff Canmore Community Foundation
Kathy provided critical strategic thinking to our fund development approach. As an emerging young organization Kathy’s wisdom, experience and practical advice helped us to avoid some potential pitfalls. She also engaged the whole board and staff in building action strategies that will allow us to reach our goals which created broader understanding and has led to more effective and coordinated action.
— Kim Bater, executive director of the Kalein Centre